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You knew I was angry with you; don't pretend you didn'tThe children were pretending to be cats by walking on all fours, and making meowing sounds.

You knew I was angry with you; don't pretend you didn't.

When my daughter was little, she liked to listen to Pachabel's canon, and pretend she was a little flower opening up to the morning sun.

Nikita pretended to be sick so that he wouldn't have to go to school.

The insurance company claims the man only pretended to be injured in the car accident so that he could collect compensation.

The little girls were pretending to be superheroes, and were jumping around in the yard with capes around their necks.

There is a Navaho proverb which observes that you can't wake a person who is pretending to be asleep.

Bette Davis once said that people often become actresses because of something they dislike about themselves, in that it allows them to pretend they are someone else.

If you are approached by a black bear, it is sometimes best to pretend to be dead so that the animal loses interest in you.

Some types of frogs pretend to be dead when captured, but quickly hop away when let go.

She didn't really like the meal, but she pretended to enjoy it because she didn't want to be impolite.

During the time of Communist rule in Poland, there was a saying which went, We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us.

In Danish culture, on the day of your birthday, you are supposed to stay in bed pretending to be asleep until the rest of the family bursts in with presents.

In November of 1499, Perkin Warbeck, Flemish imposter and pretender to the throne of King Henry VII of England, was executed in the Tower of London.

Find someone who has pretended to be sick in order to stay home from school.

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