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continues to be one of our province's primary industriesThe exportation of raw logs to Asia and the U.S. continues to be one of our province's primary industries.

Our local fishing industry is primarily based on salmon.

The doctor said that his primary focus at this point is to get our grandmother strong enough to begin treatment for her illness.

Many men in our society seem primarily concerned with their careers, at the expense of their families.

The primary reason he has done so well at school is that he works incredibly hard.

This magazine is primarily aimed at adolescent girls.

Science can now detect some birth defects in the primary stages of development of the fetus.

Our global economy now functions primarily to produce profit for large corporations.

Jacques Cousteau once noted that population growth is the primary source of environmental damage.

The organ has been the primary musical instrument used in the Christian church since the fourth century.

The primary purpose of growing rice in flooded paddies is to drown the weeds surrounding the young seedlings.

All 17 varieties of the penguin are found below the equator, primarily in Antarctica.

Calcium is the primary mineral needed for building and maintaining strong bones.

Many people want to learn a foreign language in order to communicate primarily on a social level with speakers of other languages.

The primary function of language is to carry meaning.

Rents for prime office space in Central Tokyo are the highest in the world.

A doctor once observed that sex is fun, and that is primarily the reason why so many people have done it for so many centuries.

Studies show that where coal is a primary fuel, high levels of urban pollution may result.

Sand consists primarily of fragments of rocks.

The primary function of the space shuttle is to carry personnel and equipment into space.

The Kobe earthquake was a prime example of how much damage an earthquake can do.

In the rural villages of Greece, men and women still hold primarily traditional roles.

In Great Britain, primary energy production accounts for 10% of GDP, one of the highest shares of any industrial nation.

Studies show that the immune system and its primary weapons are affected by stress.

So-called magic mushrooms have been used for centuries, primarily in the context of religious rituals and ceremonies.

Ground motion is the primary effect of an earthquake.

Eric Hoffer once suggested that when people are bored it is primarily with themselves.

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