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A protocol was signed to ensure cordial relations between nationsAccording to royal protocol, you must never touch the Queen.

A protocol was signed to ensure cordial relations between nations.

The member broke protocol by approaching the organization without approval from the board.

The United States has accused the country's leader of violating international protocols on the testing of nuclear weapons.

What exactly is the proper protocol for making a complaint against a professor at this university?

Marc-Andr- works in protocol, and has to handle all the details when various dignitaries visit with the governor.

The use of poison gas in wartime was officially prohibited by the Geneva Protocol of 1925.

The U.S. has refused to sign the Kyoto protocol on reducing greenhouse emissions.

Wearing a hat is against court protocol in this country. Proper behavior demands you also stand up when the judge enters or leaves the courtroom.

In Western democracies, a protocol of protest has evolved that tolerates the orderly, disciplined expression of discontent.

Protocol requires that everyone remain standing until the Queen has been seated.

The diplomats were seated at the dinner table according to the rules of protocol.

The accepted protocol that one is expected to follow when there is an ambulance approaching is to pull over to the side of the road, and stop.

In Internet website addresses, http stands for hypertext transfer protocol.

It's impossible to read a Mac file on a PC because they use different protocols.

Protocols allow different software programs to communicate.

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