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We'd better stop at a gas station, and pump up your tires; they're getting a little lowDoes anyone have a bicycle pump? I've got a flat tire.

We'd better stop at a gas station, and pump up your tires; they're getting a little low.

It took the two men over three hours to pump all the water out of their flooded basement.

The government has been pumping money into the project for years, with no results.

The heart basically acts as a pump which circulates blood throughout our body.

If you need to stop suddenly in your car, it is better to pump the brakes, rather than to stomp on them once.

That factory has been pumping waste into the river for years, and this government has done nothing about it.

We need a pump to blow up our air mattress.

We had to pump all the water out of the swimming pool to clean it out.

The cyclist was furiously pumping his legs to get through the intersection before the light turned red.

Much of Pakistan's water supply is pumped to the surface from underground sources.

Milk usually arrives at grocery stores about 2 days after is it pumped from the cow.

In 1991, Iraq was accused of deliberately pumping oil into the Persian Gulf in what was called an act of environmental terrorism.

During a lifetime, the human heart pumps enough blood to fill 100 swimming pools.

Find someone who has pumped up a bicycle tire.

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