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I can't punish my child for telling the truth about breaking the CD playerWhen her parents punish her, they usually send her to her room for a time-out.

I can't punish my child for telling the truth about breaking the CD player.

The hockey player's 4-game suspension is sufficient punishment for the high-sticking incident.

In some countries, drug smuggling is punishable by death.

He has a very punishing work schedule, and his health and family life are suffering because of it.

Many health professionals believe that spanking a child is no longer an acceptable form of punishment.

Albert Einstein once said that if people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed.

There is a Bosnian proverb which says that two things rule the world; reward and punishment.

There is a Chinese proverb which observes that you will never be punished for making people die of laughter.

In ancient Egypt, killing a cat was a crime punishable by death.

During World War One, the punishment for homosexuality in the French army was execution.

According to a 1993 survey, television criminals who commit violent acts go unpunished 73 percent of the time.

During the 18th century, books that were considered offensive were sometimes punished by being whipped.

In San Salvador, drunk drivers can be punished by death before a firing squad.

In Singapore, throwing a cigarette butt on the street is punished with a heavy fine of several hundred dollars.

In 1942, Ren- Cassin of France urged that an international court be created to punish those guilty of war crimes.

Repeated studies of animals in the laboratory show that punishment procedures usually result in aggressive behavior.

A Spanish proverb observes that the rich break the laws, and the poor are punished for it.

Discussion question: Do you think that spanking a child is an acceptable form of punishment?

Discussion question: What do you think is more important when dealing with criminals, rehabilitation or punishment?

Find someone who was physically punished in elementary school.

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