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The quarrel between the Israelis and the Palestinians has cost thousands of lives over the yearsThe young child was woken up by the sound of his parents quarrelling in the kitchen.

The quarrel between the Israelis and the Palestinians has cost thousands of lives over the years.

My older sister always quarrelled with my parents because she thought they were less strict with my brother and I than they were with her.

What at first seemed like a simple quarrel at a local bar ended with one man in hospital, and another man dead.

I quarrelled with my boss today, and almost quit my job.

I don't think Lenny and Janine's marriage is going to last long; they're always quarrelling about something.

Ned Rorem once suggested that quarrels in France strengthen a love affair, whereas in America they end it.

Syrus once noted that in quarrelling, the truth is always lost.

There is a Catalonian proverb which suggests that talking of an old debt always starts another quarrel.

There is a Chinese proverb which states that three glasses of wine end a hundred quarrels.

There is an Irish proverb which observes that it's better to be quarrelling than to be lonesome.

The Trojan War, which ended in such misery for so many people, started out as a quarrel amongst the gods.

There is a Senegalese proverb which states that even Buddhist priests of the same temple quarrel occasionally.

There is a Spanish proverb which states that it takes two to quarrel, but only one to end it.

Reggae star Bob Marley sang, If you get down and quarrel everyday, you're saying prayers to the devil, I say.

Someone once said, What a great world this would be if people would spend as much energy practising their religion as they spend quarrelling about it.

Someone once remarked that a smart husband knows just the right thing to say when he quarrels with his wife, but a smarter husband doesn't say it.

In 1879, a quarrel between Chile and Bolivia over land in the northern desert turned into a 5-year war.

When parents quarrel, their children feel very vulnerable and insecure.

Someone once joked that if it weren't for marriage, husbands and wives would have to quarrel with strangers.

Venice in the seventeenth century prided itself on being above the quarrels of its neighbors.

On refusing military service during the Vietnam War, boxer Muhammad Ali declared, I ain't got no quarrel with those Vietcong.

Find someone who has had a quarrel with someone in the past month.

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