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What is the current exchange rate for American dollars?The heart of a healthy person generally beats at the rate of about 60 times per minuteThe rate of technological change in our society can be somewhat alarming at times.

What is the current exchange rate for American dollars?

The heart of a healthy person generally beats at the rate of about 60 times per minute.

Experts now say the ozone is disappearing at an even faster rate than originally feared.

The divorce rate in Asian countries has risen dramatically in the last ten years.

Many airline companies offer reduced rates for student travelers.

The violence in the film was edited to avoid a restricted rating.

The United Nations has rated Norway as among the best places to live in the world.

R. D. Laing once remarked that life is a sexually-transmitted disease, and there is a 100 % mortality rate.

Averil Coxhead has noted that young children learn new words in their native language at an amazing rate.

British Columbia's sea otter population is increasing at a rate of almost 20% per year.

Tuna swim at a steady rate of 10 miles per hour, and they never stop moving until they die.

The pulse is the rate at which a person's heart beats.

Some types of bamboo grow at a rate of up to three feet a day.

The 1979 revolution in Iran greatly reduced the nation's earlier rate of economic growth.

The Southern Alps of New Zealand continue to grow today at the same rate as a person's fingernails.

Political violence aside, there is a surprisingly low crime rate in Ireland.

According to Time magazine, while the number of people on earth is still rising rapidly, the good news is that the growth rate is slowing.

HIV/AIDS infection rates in Botswana are the highest in the world, with over 35% of the adult population living with the disease.

Different types of rock will normally erode at vastly different rates.

Find someone who has a heart rate of under 60 beats per minute.

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