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He had to have reconstructive surgery to repair damage done to his nose in the car accidentThe police are using eyewitness reports of the murder in an attempt to reconstruct the events of the night.

He had to have reconstructive surgery to repair damage done to his nose in the car accident.

Parts of the church had to be reconstructed after the bombing.

After the war, the Allies helped pay to reconstruct the countries devastated during the bombing of Europe.

Reconstruction of the road will begin once the gas lines have been completed.

Since World War Two, Japan has been able to reconstruct itself into one of the most dynamic economies in the world.

He lost his memory in the accident, and needed help to reconstruct the events of the previous few days.

Researchers were able to reconstruct an earlier form of the language by comparing it with related languages.

The government of Adolf Hitler tried to reconstruct the whole of German society to conform to National Socialist ideology.

Iraq will need a great deal of foreign aid for reconstruction once the war is over.

Reconstruction of the city core after the earthquake cost in the billions of dollars.

The reconstruction of the economies of the former communist countries of Europe was a very difficult period for the people there.

Psychologist Ulric Niesser once suggested that most of our oldest memories are the product of repeated rehearsal and reconstruction.

Following the destruction of the Polish city of Warsaw in World War Two, the city was reconstructed using old prints and paintings as architectural models.

In April of 1922, a conference began to discuss the reconstruction of Europe after World War I.

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