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She shows a lot of promise as a violinist, but she needs to refine her technique somewhatI need to practice a lot in order to refine my tennis serve.

She shows a lot of promise as a violinist, but she needs to refine her technique somewhat.

Police raided an illegal laboratory in a house in Seattle today where they confiscated equipment used for refining heroin.

The latest safety refinements make this Volvo the best family car available today.

When sugar is refined, it changes from brown to white.

An oil refinery serves to make gasoline from crude oil.

She is a woman of refined tastes, in clothing, wine, and men.

William T. Sherman once observed that war is cruel, and you cannot refine it.

We have been working for days refining our plans to prepare them for presentation to the board.

Continued experimentation has allowed scientists to refine their techniques.

Police say the cocaine, refined to a high level of purity, was worth an estimated $500,000.

She doesn't eat any refined sugar or flour in her diet.

Isaac Newton refined Kepler's model of planetary motion, but did not perfect it.

A scientist studies nature by refining old models or creating new models.

Observers say that a number of oil refineries were hit during the attack, and are now burning out of control.

Nutritionists tell us that we should not eat too many refined foods.

To produce $1 billion of cocaine only requires about $3 million in refining chemicals and coca leaves.

Oil processing began in Trinidad and Tobago in 1914 when the first refinery opened.

Huge oil refineries line the Mississippi River near Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

To refine one barrel of crude oil requires 7,300 liters of water.

The refinement of the process has resulted in a marked increase in efficiency.

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