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I wouldn't bother asking Jennifer for a dateHe went hiking in a remote part of Alaska, where you might not see another human being for days on end.

I wouldn't bother asking Jennifer for a date. I don't think she is even remotely interested in going out with you.

There is a legend of a creature known as the Sasquatch which is said to live in remote areas of British Columbia.

Fred Hoyle once said that space isn't remote at all. It's only an hour's drive away if your car could go straight upwards.

The chances for peace in the Middle East seem increasingly remote now that talks between the Israeli and Palestinian leaders have broken off.

Signs of pollution are now found even in the remotest regions of our planet.

I hate it when people use the television remote to surf through the channels without stopping.

The stars we see in the sky at night are unimaginably remote.

There is a Japanese proverb which states that the path of duty lies in what is near at hand, but men seek for it in what is remote.

Canada is home to the world's most remote weather station, which is only a 600 miles from the North Pole.

We spent our holidays on a beach on a lovely sunny planet in the farthest, most remote corner of the galaxy, where very few tourists ever go.

Some villages in the remote valleys in Asir, Saudi Arabia can only be reached by using rope ladders.

It is sometimes difficult to get good television reception in remote areas where the signal is weak.

Only recently have roads been built in Peru to link remote areas with the rest of the country.

Pygmies were thought to be the original inhabitants of the nation now known as Gabon, but small family units of pygmies now only survive in the more remote parts of the country.

In November of 1970, the Soviet Union landed an unmanned, remote-controlled vehicle on the moon.

In 1957, the United States set off its first underground nuclear test in a mountain tunnel in the remote desert 100 miles from Las Vegas.

Find someone who has visited a remote location in his/her country.

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