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A local boy is a hero today after rescuing his sister from their burning home in FairfieldThe Coast Guard made a daring rescue of 3 fisherman whose boat was sinking in rough seas off the coast of Newfoundland this morning.

A local boy is a hero today after rescuing his sister from their burning home in Fairfield.

Crews are working around the clock to rescue a number of men who are trapped in a coal mine.

The government has refused a request for a multi-million dollar aid package to rescue the department store chain, which is now close to bankruptcy.

Poor weather conditions are making it difficult for rescuers to reach a sinking ship off the coast of British Columbia.

The car was burning as firemen fought to rescue a passenger trapped in the back seat.

The young boy was holding on to a large rock when he was rescued from the river.

The Coast Guard has rescued forty sailors from a sinking ship off the coast of Newfoundland.

Police were able to save four people being held hostage by a gunman in a dramatic rescue at a local bank this morning.

The young girl drowned while trying to rescue her brother who had fallen into the river.

In 1976, an Israeli commando squad rescued over 100 hostages being held by Palestinian terrorists who had hijacked a French airliner.

The rescue helicopter has located the fishermen who were on the boat that sunk off the coast.

The entire nation is watching tonight as efforts are made to rescue a little girl trapped in a well.

One of the firefighters was overcome by the smoke, and ended up having to be rescued himself.

The survivors of the shipwreck shone a piece of broken mirror at the rescue planes to show them where they were.

Two snowboarders who got lost after going out of bounds at a local ski hill have been found by rescuers this evening.

Two teenage boys have been rescued by the ski patrol after being caught in a small avalanche on Mount Washington.

The body of a rock-climber declared missing over a week ago was found by a mountain rescue team this morning.

Rescue workers are still searching for survivors of a huge earthquake which hit the region 2 days ago.

Luigi Pirandello once said, In bed, my real love has always been the sleep that rescued me by allowing me to dream.

My computer totally crashed, but luckily the computer store was able to rescue all my data.

Over 300 firemen and policemen were killed in the World Trade Center while trying to rescue victims of the terrorist attacks.

On October 14, 1987, an 18-month-old girl fell into a well in Texas, and survived for two and a half days before her rescue.

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