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The baby was soothed by the quiet rhythmic sound of his mother's heartbeatRap music often simply exaggerates the normal rhythm of spoken English.

The baby was soothed by the quiet rhythmic sound of his mother's heartbeat.

The crowd moved rhythmically to the sound of the drums.

Santana's music is an interesting blend of Latin rhythms with guitar-based rock n' roll.

My granddaughter is in a music class for small children where they learn to tap little drums to the rhythm of simple melodies.

The children were jumping around in time to the thumping reggae rhythm.

The rhythm of his heart is quite irregular; I'm afraid he might have a heart attack.

Scientists have discovered that the world's population of grasshoppers tends to rise and fall rhythmically in 9.2-year cycles.

The sound of the waves was a gentle rhythm that relaxed me, and quickly put me to sleep.

The crickets beat the rhythm with their legs while the frogs sang, and the bumblebees danced with the woodbugs.

Tai chi is a series of movements done in a rhythmic pattern.

In the traditional music of Kenya, different instruments play in different rhythms at the same time.

The soca music of Barbados blends soul with calypso, making a dance music with bold rhythms.

The steel band music of Trinidad and Tobago is an infectious musical rhythm with a strong beat, and notes similar to American jazz.

Afro-pop is a style of music combining the complex African rhythms with electric guitars and other modern instruments.

Drums have long been used in Burundi both as rhythm instruments, and as a symbol of power and prestige.

Plato once said that beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity.

Jazz music is a mixture of complex rhythms and melodies.

French secular music of the fourteenth century is remarkable for its rhythmic flexibility.

Discussion question: Do you think some people are born with a sense of rhythm, or does everyone have to learn it?

Find someone who can play a rhythm instrument.

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