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Inmates at the prison rioted after their smoking rights were taken awayWindows were smashed, and cars set on fire by rioters angry about the loss of their national soccer team in the World Cup finals.

Inmates at the prison rioted after their smoking rights were taken away.

The government sent out the military to stop rioting which had broken out during a demonstration against the new tax increase.

Police arrested over 50 rioters at a demonstration at the State Legislature.

A peaceful protest march turned into a riot when police confronted the demonstrators with tear gas and water cannons.

Political protesters were met outside the government buildings by police dressed in full riot gear.

Twelve inmates have been killed during a riot at the prison.

Martin Luther King, Jr. once remarked that a riot is the language of the unheard.

Some witnesses to the riots against the WTO in Seattle suggest that the police provoked many demonstrators into becoming violent.

In 1964, 318 fans were killed, and more than 500 injured in a riot that broke out during a soccer match in Peru.

Studies show that riots emerge mainly in those cities where disorderly tactics can work - where riots stand a chance of getting results other than all-out repression.

The riot was sparked by the perception that police had used undue force in arresting a black youth.

Ethnic riots between Muslims and Hindus has resulted in over 300 deaths in the last week.

Many buildings in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, show the scars of battles and rioting.

In February 1990, over 300 people died in riots in Venezuela's capital city as a result of the government's plans to raise gas prices and bus fares.

In May 1968, protests and riots by students and workers in Paris led to sweeping social and political reforms in France.

After policemen were found innocent in the beating of Rodney King, riots broke out all over Los Angeles.

In 1964, 22 Panamanian students died during riots that began after American residents of the Panama Canal zone prevented them from raising their flag there.

Find someone who has seen scenes of a riot on television.

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