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The rivalry between the two brothers guaranteed that each boy always did his best, in an effort to outdo the otherLarry's main rival for the job is a woman who works in another department.

The rivalry between the two brothers guaranteed that each boy always did his best, in an effort to outdo the other.

Police fear violence will explode between the rival gangs as a result of the murder.

The winner was almost a full minute ahead of his nearest rival in the competition.

The area has been torn by ethnic rivalry between the Serbs and the Kosovars.

Regular videos cannot rival the picture quality of a DVD.

The former rivals are now teammates on the national squad.

There is a Hebrew proverb which states that rivalry between scholars advances wisdom.

There is a Turkish proverb which states that there is no rose without a thorn, and no love without a rival.

Benjamin Franklin once observed that he that falls in love with himself will have no rivals.

Pope John Paul II once stated, We thus denounce the false and dangerous programme of the arms race, of the secret rivalry between peoples for military superiority.

In 1933, the Nazis, led by Adolf Hitler, came to power in Germany, and by 1934, Hitler had all his rivals assassinated, and had total control of Germany.

Nuclear rivals India and Pakistan are holding talks to bring an end to hostilities in the region.

Police have said they believe the murder of the leader of the motorcycle gang is in retaliation for the death of two members of a rival gang last month.

Although Nigeria was created because of European ambitions and rivalries in West Africa, its peoples had a rich history before the colonial borders were defined.

In 1873, the rival cities of Buda and Pesth were joined together to form the capital city of Hungary.

In the 1800s, Afghanistan became a battleground in the rivalry between czarist Russia and imperial Britain for control of Central Asia.

Ethnic rivalries have sparked recent violent clashes in China.

The rivalry between the Eastern and Western churches of Europe reached a crisis in 1054.

Discussion question: What can a parent do to reduce sibling rivalry in a family?

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