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It takes the earth 24 hours to rotate on its axisNot too long ago, people believed that the sun and all the planets rotated around the Earth.

It takes the earth 24 hours to rotate on its axis.

The doctor rotated the patient's shoulder to determine if there was any injury to the joint.

The position of head teacher rotates once every two years.

The daily rotation of the earth results in the periods known as night and day.

It is important for farmers to rotate their crops to avoid depleting the soil.

In my seminar class, we follow a weekly rotation in which we each take turns leading a group discussion.

Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise.

Windmills the world over rotate counterclockwise, except in Ireland where they rotate clockwise.

Because of the rotation of the Earth, an object can be thrown farther if it is thrown west.

Uranus is the only planet that rotates on its side.

You should rotate the tires on your car regularly for even wear.

By studying the movement of sunspots, Galileo was able to conclude that the sun is a sphere rotating on its axis.

The rotation of our planet causes the cycle of day and night.

If a galaxy did not rotate, all its stars would fall into the center.

As the rotation of the earth carries us eastward, the sun appears to move westward.

In some African families where the men have many wives, custom requires the husband to treat each wife with equal consideration, and to eat and sleep with each in regular rotation.

By rotating jobs, people can get experience in different departments.

You need to rotate your shoulder more when you are throwing the football.

The prevailing wind patterns on earth are a result of the planet's rotation.

Our planet's magnetic force is a result of the circulation of liquid at its core caused by the rotation of the planet.

Steve G. Makris once remarked, Always remember when you are on top of the world that the earth rotates every 24 hours.

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