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The gas company was able to route the pipeline under our flower garden without having to dig up our yard at allWhat is the shortest route to the airport from here?

The little boy forgot to deliver a newspaper to one of the houses on his route, so he had to go back after supper.

The gas company was able to route the pipeline under our flower garden without having to dig up our yard at all.

Thousands and thousands of mourners lined the streets along the route Princess Diana's funeral procession took to the church where her service was held.

All routes out of the city were blocked with traffic after the volcano erupted.

John Rassias once said that language study is a route to maturity.

Gray whales have the longest migration route of any mammal in the world.

We had to change our route when we went hiking because part of the trail had been washed out by heavy rains.

Attempts to climb Mount Everest began in 1920 with the opening of a route from Tibet.

In Costa Rica, education is highly valued as the surest route to social and economic success.

The world's largest trade route operates between the United States and Canada.

If Little Red Riding Hood had followed the route her mother told her to take to her grandmother's house, she wouldn't have had all those problems with the wolf!

The inland route to California is quicker than going down the coast, but the coast is certainly more beautiful.

In 1492, Christopher Columbus set sail from Spain seeking a new route to the Indies.

In 1498, Vasco de Gama sailed around Africa, and discovered a sea route to India.

The economy of Turkmenistan suffers from the continued lack of adequate export routes for the nation's natural gas.

Modern colonialism in Africa started in the 16th century after the European discoveries of trade routes along the southern and central coasts of Africa.

The police routed traffic around the scene of the accident.

Routing e-mail through a firewall has reduced the amount of spam we receive.

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