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Example Sentences for "rubbish"

The old man found some bits of fruit and uneaten food in the rubbishNigel, can you please take the rubbish out? It's starting to smell.

The old man found some bits of fruit and uneaten food in the rubbish.

This music is absolute rubbish. How could anyone listen to it?

The man is talking rubbish! Not a single thing he is saying is true.

The cats were digging in the rubbish to find the scraps of fish you threw away, and they've made quite a mess.

The alley behind the restaurant is filled with rubbish, and the smell is terrible.

I hate all this rubbish we have to study in math class. I'll never use it again in my life.

He always tells these stories that are pure rubbish when he's had something to drink.

All this rubbish you've heard about me is completely untrue. I've never been arrested, and I don't do drugs.

Dougie's rubbish at football, but he tries hard.

My boss rubbished all my hard work at the staff meeting. I was devastated.

Why do you keep renting these rubbishy romantic movies? Let's get a good action film next time.

Robert Jackson once remarked that the price of freedom of religion, or of speech, or of the press is that we put up with a good deal of rubbish.

In 1898, the first rubbish-sorting plant for recycling opened in the United States.

To suggest that this political party is suddenly going to become honest simply because they have a new leader is pure rubbish.

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