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My mum always thought it was terribly rude to leave the table without being excusedClose your mouth; it's rude to eat with your mouth open.

My mum always thought it was terribly rude to leave the table without being excused.

I'm sorry, it was rude of me to invite the Ishikawas for supper without asking you first.

My boyfriend was really rude to my parents, and now they're so upset they want me to break up with him.

Customers today are so rude; they never say please or thank-you.

The students behaved quite rudely during the presentation. They were talking with one another, and completely ignoring the speaker.

The old couple were rudely awakened by the sound of their neighbors arguing.

My father loves to tell rude jokes, and it's really embarrassing.

His rudeness during the party was quite shocking to the other guests.

Hey, it's rude to interrupt other people when they're talking!

James had a rude surprise when he came to work late again this morning - the boss fired him!

Rita Mae Brown once observed that you can't be truly rude until you understand good manners.

New York City was recently named by Americans as the most dangerous, least attractive, and rudest city in the country, but was also the top choice as the city where they would most like to live or visit on vacation.

In the culture of Pakistan, it is a sign of rudeness to show the soles of your feet or point a foot when you are sitting on the floor.

In Thailand, pointing with one finger is considered rude, and is only done when pointing to objects or animals, but never humans.

Eric Hoffer once stated that rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength.

In Bhutan, during archery competitions, cheerleaders are allowed to distract the opposing team by shouting rude comments.

A Lebanese proverb suggests that a polite devil is more agreeable than a rude saint.

Discussion question: What behaviors have you noticed in this culture which are considered rude in your culture?

Find someone who has had to deal with a rude salesclerk recently.

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