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After the lions had eaten their fill, scavengers such as jackals and hyenas came to finish off the remainsCrabs are scavengers; they eat decaying matter, thereby helping to clean up the ocean.

After the lions had eaten their fill, scavengers such as jackals and hyenas came to finish off the remains.

Every large city in this country has its share of scavengers such as rats and raccoons.

Thousands of people scavenge through the garbage dumps of Manila every day in order to survive.

Vultures are scavengers, and will only eat animals which are already dead.

The reporter had to scavenge information from other newsmen in order to write his story.

The scavengers fought over the bits of meat left when the tiger had finished eating.

Shrimp is not considered kosher in the Jewish faith because shrimp are scavengers, and are therefore unclean.

Following the battle, scavengers came down onto the plain to take what weapons or objects of value remained on the bodies of the dead soldiers.

Scavenger cells in the body destroy infectious agents.

It is believed that the ancestors of today's dogs were probably scavengers often found near human settlements.

After the wolves had finished eating, smaller animals came to scavenge the bones.

The reporter was able to scavenge some information by digging through the garbage outside the offices of the people involved.

Adult polar bears usually eat just the skin and blubber of a seal, and leave the meat for cubs and scavengers.

The old man made his living by scavenging bottles and cans out of the garbage, and collecting a refund for them.

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