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During their training, police officers have to look at all kinds of scenarios and discuss what course of action to take in a given situationMy cousin has written a scenario for a movie, and it has just been sold to a major Hollywood producer.

During their training, police officers have to look at all kinds of scenarios and discuss what course of action to take in a given situation.

The worst-case scenario for this political party would be if the leader tries to hang onto power, and takes the party down with him.

The management team looked at a number of different scenarios for how the company could expand over the next five years.

Experts say that the killing of hundred of thousands of people by terrorists using a crude nuclear bomb is no longer a far-off or far-fetched scenario.

American military personnel are staging various terrorist scenarios in order to better prepare for possible future attacks.

Scientists are studying various abrupt climate change scenarios to assess their impact on our planet.

The scenario for the film is Earth, 200 years in the future.

A recent article in the Asia Times Online discussed a possible scenario in which China might be able to completely take over Taiwan in a week.

This white paper outlines five scenarios for using our software program to manage users' desktop environments.

In my canoeing course, we went through a few different scenarios, such as flipping over, losing a paddle, and a couple of others, and then discussed what we should do in each situation.

The following scenario is an example of how we can help your company to increase business while lowering costs.

Susan Sontag once suggested that the taste for worst-case scenarios reflects the need to master fear of what is felt to be uncontrollable.

Every time I play tennis with Joe, it's the same scenario; I do okay for the first couple of games, but once he gets warmed up, he totally kills me.

When they were planning their wedding, they considered several scenarios, and finally chose one they liked - and could afford.

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