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He is very scornful of any suggestion that someone else in the firm might be a better salesmanShe scorned my offer to help her, saying she could do better job without me.

He is very scornful of any suggestion that someone else in the firm might be a better salesman.

Management's claim that they needed to cut workers' salaries in order to survive was greeted with scorn by the union.

She has scorned her parents' traditional viewpoints by living with her boyfriendThe crowd booed scornfully at the President's suggestion that the poor would benefit from tax cuts for the rich.

When I asked Jessica for a date, she laughed scornfully and said, Never in a million years.

The young boy was treated with scorn by his teammates when he cried after striking out.

When she saw my new haircut, my ex-girlfriend just laughed scornfully and said Nice haircut. Did you do it yourself?

Many reviewers initially scorned rock 'n' roll music as a fad which would quickly pass.

The Prime Minister poured scorn on the Opposition leader's remarks, suggesting he was ill-informed and out of touch with public sentiment.

He scorns reviewers who criticize his books saying that critics are just failed writers.

Although C-line Dion is wildly popular internationally, she is sometimes scorned in her Quebec home for pursuing her singing career in English.

She scorned his request for a date, openly laughing in his face and suggesting she was completely out of his league.

George Bernard Shaw once said that silence is the most perfect expression of scorn.

A Peruvian proverb notes that in life the son is scornful of the father, but in business the father is scornful of the son.

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