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This government has to open itself to public scrutiny to win back the voters' trustIt must be frustrating sometimes for celebrities to have their lives under constant scrutiny by the media.

This government has to open itself to public scrutiny to win back the voters' trust.

The private lives of politicians often come under public scrutiny, and what should be private matters then become public discussion.

Opposition members are carefully scrutinizing the legislation.

The sailors scrutinized the horizon for signs of the pirate ships.

The detective scrutinized the suspect's face for indications of nervousness.

Maxwell Maltz once remarked that close scrutiny will show that most crisis situations are opportunities to either advance, or stay where you are.

There is a French proverb which states that few people rise to our esteem upon closer scrutiny.

It is the responsibility of the Official Opposition to scrutinize government legislation.

I'm not sure of this scheme. I don't think it will stand up to close scrutiny once we get a chance to take a good look at it.

The government has assured the Opposition that the inquiry will be open to public scrutiny.

He did well in high school English classes, but his essays will get much closer scrutiny once he is in university.

The organization came under scrutiny following complaints of irregularities by a former employee.

All over the world, consumers are demanding that companies provide clear labelling of genetically-modified food, and open their research to outside scrutiny.

Working conditions in the factory must be open to public scrutiny in order for real change to occur.

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