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The government met with different sectors of the community to discuss its plans to raise the minimum wageJobs in the tourism sector have risen by over 5% this year.

The government met with different sectors of the community to discuss its plans to raise the minimum wage.

The industrial sector is quite pleased with the government's new policy.

The military is having difficulty keeping control of the northern sector of the city.

The poorest sector of our society will not benefit from these tax cuts.

About 16% of Americans work in the manufacturing sector.

The government's proposed tax cuts are being welcomed by the private sector as a way of stimulating growth in the economy.

Raises in the public service are needed in order to bring salaries in line with those in the private sector.

The government is forecasting economic growth in the medicine and high-tech sectors as a result of this new legislation.

Rebels are reported to have taken control of the eastern sector of the city.

Ironically, as industrialization replaced human labor in some sectors, such as agriculture, it also produced a demand for labor in other sectors, such as in factories.

Tourism has been the biggest growth sector in the Greek economy since the 1970s.

Iran's economy revolves around three sectors; public, cooperative, and private.

The agricultural sector provides most of Tunisia's own food, and employs a third of the workforce.

Jews in South Africa contributed proportionally more men to the war effort in World War Two than any other sector of the population.

In the CTte d'Ivoire, an increasing number of women are employed in sectors of the economy such as medicine, business and university teaching.

Sugar is the most profitable sector of the economy of the island nation of Fiji.

In 1970, the first major oil find in the British sector of the North Sea was made by BP.

Recent studies reveal that the floral industry uses the highest level of pesticides of all agricultural sectors.

The forest industry in this province creates twice as many private sector jobs as any other sector of the economy.

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