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Police are looking for witnesses in the senseless beating of an 80-year-old man on the weekendSome people say that animals can sense an earthquake before it occurs.

Police are looking for witnesses in the senseless beating of an 80-year-old man on the weekend.

Some people think that dogs can sense your fear.

My sense of smell is really bad right now because of my allergies.

There is a real sense of urgency to the peace talks now, with both sides warning of the dangers of not reaching a settlement.

I hope that if the kids get into trouble, they'll have the sense to ask for help.

There is so much senseless violence in society today.

Scott was knocked senseless by a baseball that struck him in the forehead.

Aphra Behn once said that money speaks sense in a language all nations understand.

It has been said that a sense of curiosity is nature's original school of education.

There is a Finnish proverb which suggests that age does not give sense; it only makes one go slowly.

There is a French proverb which observes that common sense is not so common.

There is a Hebrew proverb which states that if the wine comes in, good sense goes out.

Studies show that one-fourth of the people who lose their sense of smell also lose their desire for sexual relations.

Sensory input is diminished when we are asleep.

If giant clams sense any danger, their huge shells shut tight.

The kiwi of New Zealand is the world's only bird which has a sense of smell.

Culture, in the scientific sense, is the ability to invent new behaviors that are adopted by the population group and are passed along to succeeding generations.

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