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The little boy felt really ashamed of himself when his mother caught him stealing change out of her purseIt's really a shame that Ken and Barbie didn't get married; they seemed so well suited to one another.

The little boy felt really ashamed of himself when his mother caught him stealing change out of her purse.

Many people feel that promises to cut taxes are simply a shameless attempt to buy votes.

Your father and I were embarrassed by your shameful behavior.

The level of poverty in this country remains shamefully high.

The businessman killed himself because he didn't want to bring shame on his family for his involvement in the scandal.

There is a Danish proverb which holds that one who is afraid of asking questions is ashamed of learning.

Benjamin Franklin once observed that whatever is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Oscar Wilde once said that the books that the world calls immoral are the books that show the world its own shame.

There is an Azerbaijani proverb which states that it's not shameful not to know, but it's shameful not to ask.

There is a Dutch proverb which states that it is better to be poor with honor than rich with shame.

In Vietnamese society, it is important to avoid fighting or any action that might bring shame to one's family.

In Kuwait, traditionally there was a great social shame attached to being divorced, and the woman would usually lose her children as a result.

Jane Goodall once stated, I feel deep shame when I look into the eyes of my grandchildren, and think about how much damage has been done to Planet Earth since I was their age.

In Sweden, it's illegal for parents to insult or shame their children.

Acting in culturally disapproved ways may arouse feelings of shame and guilt.

We must stop the shameful statistic of 30,000 child deaths a day due to extreme poverty.

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