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Drinking and driving is sheer stupidity, and it puts others needlessly at riskThe rock climber was able to go up a sheer wall of rock using only the most basic equipment.

Drinking and driving is sheer stupidity, and it puts others needlessly at risk.

The woman was wearing a sheer black nightgown with nothing underneath.

You should put on something underneath that blouse because the material is quite sheer.

The cliff is a sheer drop of over 150 feet, and is fenced off from the public.

In an act of sheer desperation, the criminal grabbed a bank teller as a hostage.

Gandhi once observed that the history of the world is full of men who rose to leadership by sheer force of self-confidence, bravery and tenacity.

She was wearing a sheer cotton blouse and no bra, and all the boys were staring.

The waterfall has a sheer drop of over 250 meters.

Joseph Losery once said, My job as a minister is not only to make heaven my home, but to make my home on earth sheer heaven.

The marathon runner collapsed from sheer exhaustion after the race.

We drove on a road along the coast which had a sheer drop to the ocean, about 600 feet below.

Sheer cliffs plunge into the Adriatic Sea along Albania's coastline.

Although there is a limit to the extent to which a society can be guided by illusion, there is also a limit to the extent to which it can be guided by sheer rationality.

The sheer depth of its history makes England a major destination for tourists from all over the world.

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