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Example Sentences for "shower"

I'm all sweaty from playing tennisI'd better take a shower before we go. I'm all sweaty from playing tennis.

Don't use up all the hot water when you take a shower! I want to have one too.

She threw her coat on the bed and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

I had a big argument with my roommate because she always takes too long in the shower.

Any new large commercial buildings that are built here have to include showers and lock-up space for bicycle commuters.

The gas chamber in the Nazi concentration camp at Birkenau, Poland was disguised as a shower room.

The weatherman is predicting showers for most of the week.

There is usually a large meteor shower in the middle of August each year.

The rocket exploded into a shower of golden stars, to the screams and cheers of the crowd.

Tomorrow will be mainly cloudy with scattered showers in the evening.

In the famous shower scene in the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho, chocolate syrup was used to simulate blood.

He broke his arm when he slipped on a bar of soap in the shower, and fell.

The fireworks exploded, sending a shower of sparks down on the heads of the spectators.

There was a spectacular meteorite shower last night, with comets flying by every few seconds.

It has been sprinkling all morning, and showers are expected in the afternoon.

You'd better take a shower before you go on your date. Your hair is a mess.

I don't like to sit in a pool of soap and dirt in a bath. I'd much rather take a shower.

He didn't have time to shower, so he just wiped off his chest with a towel, and put on a clean shirt.

It was so hot outside that I had to take a cold shower to cool off.

You have to take a shower before going into the swimming pool.

The weatherman is calling for scattered showers this afternoon.

The baseball game was canceled due to showers.

He threw a log onto the fire, causing a shower of sparks to fall on the dry grass.

Apart from some light showers this morning, the weather has been beautiful.

The guests showered the newlyweds with rice as they came out of the church.

My parents showered our children with gifts at Christmas this year.

She was showered with gold and silver jewelry by her rich boyfriend.

A Native American proverb notes that one shower doesn't make a flood.

Find someone who prefers taking a shower to taking a bath.

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