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Old growth forest in this state has shrunk to the point where many people have never seen an original, uncut forestI can't put this sweater in the dryer or it will shrink.

Old growth forest in this state has shrunk to the point where many people have never seen an original, uncut forest.

Whenever my daughter sees a dog, she shrinks away from it.

The woman gasped, and shrank against the wall as the monster approached her.

The Martians have a special ray gun which allows them to shrink their enemies to the size of a mouse.

As a soldier in the war, he never shrank from the dangerous duties he was ordered to undertake.

You should allow for some shrinkage in these jeans the first couple of times you wash them.

Anais Nin once observed that life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.

Scientists have discovered that when astronauts remain in space for long periods, the weightlessness actually causes human beings to shrink.

He accidentally shrank his kids to the size of insects during a scientific experiment that went wrong.

Low-mass stars slowly shrink and die as they consume their fuels.

Shrinking profits have made life difficult for farmers in Uruguay.

Increasing demand for ski resorts and hotels in Switzerland is resulting in a shrinking countryside.

With its declining birth rate, Hungary's population is slowly shrinking.

Scientists say that the hole in the ozone layer is now shrinking, and may one day disappear.

The political turmoil in Fiji has had a severe impact, with the economy shrinking by 2.8% in 2000.

Researchers say that the ice fields on Africa's highest mountain shrank by 80 percent in the past century.

Modern technology is shrinking our world, and international borders are becoming less of a barrier to trade and communication.

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