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Over a million Soviet soldiers and civilians lost their lives during the siege of StalingradThe siege of the town lasted until the people finally ran out of food, and had to surrender.

Over a million Soviet soldiers and civilians lost their lives during the siege of Stalingrad.

The army lay siege to the airport where terrorists were holding over 500 passengers hostage.

After six months under siege, the village had run out of food, and the people began to starve.

The Parliament Buildings are under siege by demonstrators protesting against the new fuel tax.

His immune system has been under siege for quite a while as a result of his illness.

The government is negotiating with rebel forces in an effort to bring about a peaceful end to the siege.

The governor is under siege from his own party, and will most likely be forced to resign.

Since her last movie, the actress has been besieged with requests from directors to star in their upcoming productions.

A few years before the death of Christ, 960 Jews killed themselves in the besieged fortress of Masada rather than yield to Roman soldiers.

The young hockey player has been besieged by contract offers worth millions of dollars.

The American army was able to liberate the besieged town after a bloody battle.

The American War of Independence ended in 1781 with the British surrender after the siege of Yorktown, Virginia.

Sun Tzu once suggested that the skillful leader subdues the enemy's troops without any fighting; he captures their cities without laying siege to them; he overthrows their kingdom without lengthy operations in the field.

In the Middle Ages, disease was used as a weapon of war against besieged cities.

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