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Despite the twins' physical similarity, their characters are totally differentThe culture of the United States is quite similar to that of Canada.

Despite the twins' physical similarity, their characters are totally different.

Horse meat tastes similar to beef.

My friend Dave and I have similar tastes in music.

The DNA of chimpanzees shows a remarkable similarity to that of humans.

The fetus of a pig looks very similar to that of a human up to a certain age.

Corey and his brother dress quite similarly.

Around 700 B.C., Homer said that rarely are sons similar to their fathers: most are worse, and a few are better than their fathers.

Scientists have demonstrated that sharks are able to learn at a rate similar to white rats and pigeons.

Immigrants often seek areas of their newly adopted country that are similar in some way to their original homeland.

The first pictures taken of the surface of the planet Venus by a space probe showed features which are similar to volcanoes and valleys on Earth.

Similarity of genetic background has been proven to be a greater predictor of intelligence than similarity of environment.

The work is not really dissimilar to what you were doing before, except that it involves dealing with a number of different people.

The two dictionaries are both useful for language learners, but they have a couple of important dissimilarities that allow them each to appeal to different learning styles.

The puppies were quite dissimilar in character. One was very timid, while the other was really friendly.

Mercury and Mars, as well as our moon, form a family of related planets which experienced similar sequences of events in their early histories.

The planet Mars has a surface which is somewhat similar to that of our moon.

Discussion question: Discuss the similarities and differences between your culture, and that of this country.

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