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The arithmetic test was really simple, and everyone passedWe had a simple meal of soup and a sandwich.

The arithmetic test was really simple, and everyone passed.

He looks a bit simple, but he's actually very smart.

He tried to explain what happened in simple English.

The simplicity of the idea appealed to everyone.

Simplicity is very important in software programs. They should be easy for everyone to use.

Immigration is trying to simplify the rules for refugees to get into the country.

The book has been simplified somewhat for non-native readers.

To say that school uniforms prevent children from teasing others who don't have nice clothes is a somewhat simplistic viewpoint.

The suggestion that all drugs are bad is quite simplistic. Coffee is a drug, but most people seem to think it's okay to drink it once in a while.

I explained the grammar rule as simply as I could, but many students were still confused.

Our neighbor's son hurt his head in a car accident, and now he's a little simple.

All life on our planet began as a simple single cell organism.

You can repair your bicycle with a few simple tools.

Vijay Singh is simply the best golfer in the world today.

She looked simply gorgeous in her new dress.

I'm just a simple English teacher. I don't understand politics.

The flowers in your garden are simply beautiful!

You are overweight simply because you never do any exercise.

She doesn't make many mistakes in her writing, but she only uses very simple sentences.

Layla was dressed in a simple blouse and skirt for the party.

We had a very simple wedding; in fact, we got married in our living room.

Napoleon took 14,000 French decrees, and simplified them into a unified set of seven laws.

There have been numerous calls to simplify and standardize the spelling of the Portuguese language.

Mainland China has simplified Chinese characters somewhat, whereas Taiwan continues to use the old system.

Taoism considers the social world to be artificial and dishonest, and advocates a return to simplicity and harmony with the natural world.

Plato once observed that beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity.

It is the female lion who does more than 90 percent of the hunting, while the male is afraid to risk his life, or simply prefers to rest.

The simple act of walking requires the use of 200 muscles in the human body.

A Chinese proverb notes that to know how to do it is simple; the difficulty is in doing it.

Jim Horning once noted that nothing is as simple as we hope it will be.

Hannah Green once remarked that health is not simply the absence of sickness.

Elizabeth Seaton once advised, Live simply that others might simply live.

Sometime after the classical age of Ancient Greece, a reaction against technical complexities resulted in the simplification of Greek music.

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