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The Titanic was supposed to be unsinkable, but obviously it wasn'tIt took about three and a half hours for the fishing boat to sink after it hit a rock.

The Titanic was supposed to be unsinkable, but obviously it wasn't.

The little girl's feet sank into the warm mud.

The old man sank into his chair, tired from working in the garden all day.

The sun was slowly sinking into the sea as we paddled home.

After the death of her cat, the old woman sank into a terrible depression.

Just put the dishes in the sink, and I'll wash them later.

There is a Turkish proverb which notes that two captains will sink a ship.

Benjamin Franklin once said, Beware of small expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.

F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, I entertained on a cruising trip that was so much fun that I had to sink my yacht to make my guests go home.

Counted among those who survived the sinking of the Titanic were two dogs.

Throughout history, more ships have been sunk by storms than by war.

The Titanic took 2 hours and 40 minutes to sink after hitting an iceberg.

The vampire sunk his fangs into his young victim's tender throat with a sigh of contentment.

Trinidad and Tobago's first commercial oil well was sunk in southern Trinidad in 1908.

During World War Two, 23 Allied ships were sunk in the Saint Lawrence River.

Japanese fighter planes sank two British battleships in the South China Sea, killing nearly 800 people, in December of 1941.

The coastline of the Atlantic Ocean sinks about four inches every 100 years.

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