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It was hard for Clara not to be skeptical when her new boyfriend promised to be faithful to her once she found out that he had cheated on all his former girlfriendsEven the most skeptical scientists now admit that global warming is a serious problem.

It was hard for Clara not to be skeptical when her new boyfriend promised to be faithful to her once she found out that he had cheated on all his former girlfriends.

Personally, I am totally skeptical of people who claim to be able to foretell the future.

My friends looked at me skeptically when I told them I would be a millionaire by the age of thirty.

The government's announcement of another study to determine if taxes are too high was met with a great deal of skepticism.

It is the job of a scientist to remain skeptical until all evidence proves something to be absolutely true.

The government now has to convince skeptics that its plan to increase funding for daycare will not result in a tax increase.

I was skeptical when the doctor suggested I try massage for my headaches, but it really helped.

Though initially skeptical of my suggestion, the boss became quite enthusiastic once I had explained it to him.

You should always be skeptical when someone offers you a deal that seems too good to be true because it usually is.

Philosopher Denis Diderot once remarked that what has not been examined impartially has not been well examined. Skepticism is therefore the first step toward truth.

Donald G. Smith once suggested that the people who teach us that it is wrong to be skeptical are themselves the reasons that we should be skeptical.

Carl Sagan once wrote that it is the tension between creativity and skepticism that has produced the stunning and unexpected findings of science.

There is a French proverb which states that skeptics are never deceived.

Charles Darwin once suggested that a good deal of skepticism in a scientific man is advisable to avoid much loss of time.

In France, chocolate was initially met with skepticism, and was considered a dangerous drug, and was only accepted after the Paris faculty of medicine gave its approval.

George Bernard Shaw once remarked that the fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one.

The goal of a university student should be to be an open-minded but skeptical learner.

Discussion question: Are you more of a skeptical person or a trusting person?

Find someone who is a skeptical person.

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