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We slaughtered the other team 14 to 1The British government has had to slaughter millions of farm animals that are diseased.

We slaughtered the other team 14 to 1.

The United Nations is sending in peace-keeping troops to stop the slaughter in the region.

Fishermen slaughter thousands of dolphins after they are caught in nets meant to catch tuna.

The pigs will be slaughtered in about a week's time.

Thousands of people have been slaughtered in the conflict.

The annual slaughter of grizzly bears in trophy hunts has drawn international condemnation.

The fashion of decorating hats with feathers declined in the twentieth century because too many birds were being slaughtered for their feathers.

They are going to slaughter the pigs for the market this weekend.

The animals spend their entire lives in tiny pens before being slaughtered for food.

In Southeast Asia, tigers are slaughtered for their bones, which are used in Chinese medicines.

During the slaughtering procedure, an animal is usually stunned before being suspended by a hind limb and then bled.

In Somalia, the camel is not only used to transport people and their possessions, but is also slaughtered for religious festivities.

A leisure activity in Malta which many outsiders find difficult to comprehend is the yearly slaughter of birds by sport hunters.

Cows are raised by farmers in Burundi, but are generally not eaten because the slaughter of a cow reduces one's visible wealth.

There is a Polish proverb which states, Get married, and you will be happy for a week; slaughter a pig, and you will be happy for a month; become a priest, and you will be happy for the rest of your life.

Assurnasirpal, King of Assyria from 883-859 B.C. boasted that he dyed the mountains red with the blood of his slaughtered enemies.

In Romania in November of 1940, more than 60 aides of the exiled King, including the former Prime Minister, were slaughtered by the pro-Nazi Iron Guard.

In 1994, an estimated 800,000 people were slaughtered in Rwanda over a period of approximately 100 days.

The Ivory Coast of Africa was once the center of the ivory trade for Europeans, who slaughtered elephants to obtain their valuable ivory tusks.

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