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Emilio slicked back his hair with a small blob of mousseThey were able to produce a very slick, and professional-looking advertising brochure on their home computer.

Emilio slicked back his hair with a small blob of mousse.

The record company has very slickly promoted her as a sexy, young performer.

The slick promotion of the artist actually worked against him, as people suggested that it was all just undeserved hype.

The Red Wings' slick passing plays have resulted in three unanswered goals.

I don't trust politicians who are too slick and charming; I want to hear from a person who is open and sincere.

He is a slick politician who can lie to your face while smiling and shaking your hand.

Aerial photographs of the sinking freighter showed an oil slick over 50 miles long.

The movie has an interesting, handmade look to it, which is a nice contrast to the slick, commercial films one sees all the time.

The slick has contaminated beaches all along the coast, killing thousands of sea birds, fish and marine animals.

The candidate has run a very slick campaign and is expected to win with a healthy majority.

Elizabeth slipped and fell while walking on the slick surface of the algae covered rocks at the beach.

The slickness of the presentation couldn't hide a serious lack of meaningful content.

Marty slicked down his unruly hair with water from the fountain before entering the gymnasium where the dance was being held.

A huge oil slick is threatening thousands of marine birds and animals off the coast of Alaska.

The oil slick has been largely cleaned up from the beach now, thanks in part to the efforts of a dedicated group of volunteers.

The tires on my bicycle are so old that they are quite slick, and cause me to slip on wet roads.

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