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It is considered impolite to snap your fingers at a waiter or waitress in this countryThe hurricane force winds snapped the telephone poles like they were matchsticks.

It is considered impolite to snap your fingers at a waiter or waitress in this country.

She closed her suitcase with a snap, and went out to the car.

Be careful of that dog. I tried to pet him, and he snapped at me.

Little Vlado snapped the arms and legs off his Buzz Lightyear action figure.

Branches snapped under our feet as we walked through the bush.

Sandra is in a bad mood. I just asked her why she wasn't coming to the party, and she snapped at me.

She was really stressed for a while and then she just snapped and starting screaming and throwing things around the office.

The dog snapped at my neighbor's son and almost bit him.

The little boy couldn't do up the snaps on his winter jacket so the teacher helped him.

The guys were snapping their fingers in time to the music.

When I asked her if she wanted some help, she snapped at me and then ran crying out of the room.

I heard a loud snap and then the branch fell on my head.

She snapped her book shut and put it in her bag.

The door of the car snapped shut when I got out to put a letter in the mailbox.

The poles for the tent are very easy to snap into position.

Grandma is generally quite patient, but her self-control snapped on Sunday when the children started fighting and knocked over her china cabinet.

He sat at the table, snapping his fingers in time to the music.

The policeman completely snapped when he saw his partner lying dead in the alley.

The little girl was very proud because she was able to do up the snaps on her sweater all by herself.

Barracudas are fierce hunters, snapping up other fish.

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