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My brother and I snuck out of our house at night, and went and raided my neighbor's cherry treeMy sister and I tried to sneak into the room where my parents were wrapping our Christmas presents, but they saw us, and sent us back to bed.

My brother and I snuck out of our house at night, and went and raided my neighbor's cherry tree.

We went to the movie, and were able to sneak into a second film without paying.

A group of teenagers were found trying to sneak alcohol into the high school dance.

We snuck out of class to go to the beach yesterday.

She's a sneaky lying person, and you shouldn't trust her.

Call the police! Some guy has been sneaking around the house looking in the windows.

My neighbor's son is a sneaky little kid who is always getting into trouble.

The students were totally bored, and kept sneaking a look at their watches to see how much more time was left.

Don't be such a sneak! If you want some cookies, just ask for them, but don't go stealing them like that.

John Barrymore once observed that happiness sneaks through a door you didn't know that you left open.

We snuck into the kitchen to eat the last of the pizza from the party after my parents had gone to bed.

My little brother keeps sneaking into my bedroom to take my comic books when I'm not there.

The young boy snuck up behind his friend and then hit him with a water balloon.

Don't let him see what you're doing; he's a sneak and he'll tell the teacher.

Gloria is such a sneak! She told my secret to everyone.

Don't be a sneak. If you want a cookie, just ask for it instead of stealing them behind my back.

Find someone who has snuck into a movie without paying.

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