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Example Sentences for "sniff"

Children in the isolated village have been sniffing gasoline to get over their boredomThe child wiped away a tear, and sniffed a couple of times.

Children in the isolated village have been sniffing gasoline to get over their boredom.

If you sniff glue, it could cause serious health problems.

The lion raised its head, and sniffed the air.

The cat sniffed suspiciously at the food.

At the first sniff of danger, the animal ran back into its hole.

Every time my dog meets another dog they go through this whole routine of sniffing each other's bums.

Here, take a sniff of this perfume. Isn't that nice?

As she got in the new car she took a sniff of the luxurious leather seats.

Bambi raised his head and sniffed the air. Fire had come to the forest!

The little girl sniffed a couple of times and wiped away a tear.

I got a sniff of something burning when I woke up, and went outside the tent.

Loren Eisley once observed that like the herd animals we are, we sniff warily at the strange one among us.

The bear sniffed the air; it could smell salmon cooking on a barbecue not too far away.

My dog kept sniffing at my clothes after I came home from our class field trip to a farm.

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