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The old man had trouble controlling himself, and often soiled his pantsYou need to turn the soil at the base of the plant once in a while to keep it from getting too hard-packed.

The old man had trouble controlling himself, and often soiled his pants.

The soil at the mouth of a river is usually very rich and fertile.

My ancestors arrived on American soil about 100 years ago.

My wife doesn't work in the garden because she doesn't like to soil her hands.

You can improve the quality of the soil by adding compost to it.

The soil here is full of rocks and clay and almost nothing will grow.

Robert Ingersoll once said that ignorance is the soil in which belief in miracles grows.

Soils require centuries, or even millennia, to form.

In 1970, a Soviet space probe landed on the moon, and collected samples of lunar soil.

You should change some of the soil in your houseplants if you want them to grow better.

In 1808, British troops landed on Portuguese soil to push back the French forces under Napoleon.

The reddish-brown soils in the highland areas of Tanzania are the most fertile in the country.

The soils of the African nation of Mali are generally poor; shallow and hard or sandy and infertile.

She soiled her new dress when she spilt red wine on it.

One gram of soil may contain hundreds of millions of living things.

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