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He is a sore loser, so no one likes to play with himMy arm is sore from where I was hit with the ball.

He is a sore loser, so no one likes to play with him.

Her eyes were sore and red from trying to read in the dark.

Cathy's finger is still sore from where she squished it in the car door.

The soreness after my operation lasted for over a month.

If your gums are sore or bleeding, see your dentist immediately.

Everybody had a sore throat from breathing in cigarette smoke in the bar all evening.

My daughter has sores all over her arms from scratching her mosquito bites.

No one would kiss him on New Year's Eve because he had a big sore on his lip.

She was horrified when she developed sores on her genitals after having unprotected sex with a guy she met in a nightclub.

The children were sorely disappointed when their grandparents phoned to say they couldn't come to their school picnic.

Bob is an excellent salesman, and will be sorely missed when he retires.

My car is sorely in need of repairs, but I just can't afford to do them right now.

Putting ice on your ankle will help to reduce the soreness and swelling.

My girlfriend is sore at me for forgetting her birthday.

In medieval Europe, powdered gold was mixed into drinks to comfort sore limbs.

Napoleon was often shown with his hand inside his jacket because he had sores on his stomach that he often scratched until they bled.

Katherine Whitehorn once said that a good listener is a good talker with a sore throat.

Find someone who often has a sore back in the morning.

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