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Oak and arbutus trees are protected species here in VictoriaMany species of plants and animals are endangered due to pollution.

Oak and arbutus trees are protected species here in Victoria.

Bongos are a species of ape which look like small chimpanzees.

There is a species of black bear in British Columbia which sometimes produces young cubs which are white in color.

Many great whales are now on the endangered species list.

Many species of plants in the Amazon forest provide medicines which are very helpful to man.

At French Beach, you can see at least 3 or 4 different species of crabs.

Somerset Maugham once said that love is only a dirty trick played on us to achieve continuation of the species.

There were many different species of starfish living on the beach that we visited with my biology class.

In the Marxist view, we must eat in order to survive; hence, the first activity of our species must be economic.

More than 1,800 species of fish are known to inhabit the Amazon River.

Of the 4000 species of mammals on the planet, there are 900 different species of bats.

The mineral content, porosity, and general makeup of human bone is nearly identical to some species of South Pacific coral.

Some species of rainforest birds migrate every summer from South America to the U.S. to breed.

Seaweed is a general term for more than 20,000 species of sea plants living in the world's oceans and seas.

Specimens of almost every seashell species from the Indian Ocean wash up on Mozambique's beaches.

Human beings are the only species capable of laughter, and the average adult does so approximately 17 times per day.

Africa is now widely recognized as the birthplace of the human species.

By around 100,000 years ago, several species of hominids populated the Earth.

Scientists estimate the present number of species living in the world's oceans at 230,000, with hundreds of new life-forms being discovered every year.

Find someone who can name an endangered species.

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