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Jung has his hair gelled into spikes that stick straight up from his headThe top of the wall was lined with broken glass and steel spikes to keep people from climbing over.

Jung has his hair gelled into spikes that stick straight up from his head.

The spikes on the cactus are super sharp and really hurt if you touch them.

Some species of dinosaurs had large spikes on their tails or backs for defense.

The runner spiked the catcher in the ankle when he slid into home.

He scratched up our wooden floors when he came in wearing a pair of spiked golf shoes.

The soldiers wore helmets with large silver spikes on top.

The men were busy pounding spikes into the railroad tracks.

Yukiko jumped up and spiked the ball right into the face of a player on the other team.

If I had known you guys were playing soccer, I would have brought my spikes and joined you.

There are two kinds of punch for the party. The punch in the white bowl has been spiked with rum.

Two men held the vampire down while a third drove a silver spike into its heart.

The child had to be rushed to the hospital when her temperature suddenly spiked and she lost consciousness.

A male moose can have as many as 30 spikes on its antlers.

Housing prices spiked after mortgage rates dropped.

Professional volleyball players are able to spike the ball at a speed of over 75 miles an hour.

She looked really cool with her pink spiky hair.

The dog was wearing a leather collar dotted with silver spikes.

Someone spiked the fruit punch at the party with vodka.

The young girl was apparently raped after her drink was spiked with some kind of sleeping pill.

Find someone who has spiked his or her hair.

Find someone who has drunk fruit punch spiked with alcohol.

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