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My daughter had a nasty spill on her bicycle, and scratched up her arms and faceI accidentally spilled coffee all over my wife's new blouse.

My daughter had a nasty spill on her bicycle, and scratched up her arms and face.

Be careful you don't spill the wine on the rug; it'll stain.

Thirty-three thousand tons of oil spilled into the waters off Alaska after the Exxon Valdez ran aground in March, 1989.

An oil spill is a catastrophe for marine life unless it is cleaned up immediately.

Hundreds of people volunteered to clean up beaches, and save wildlife after the oil spill off the coast.

The contents of the box of crystal wine glasses spilled out over the floor, shattering into little pieces.

Hundreds of excited, happy children spilled out of the school when the bell rang to signal the beginning of summer vacation.

The blood of thousands of innocent people is spilled every time a government chooses to go to war.

Someone spilled the news to the secretaries that they were going to lose their jobs due to cost-cutting measures, and now they are really upset.

There is a Malawian proverb which says that fear to let fall a drop will always make you spill a lot.

An old proverb reminds us, Don't cry over spilt milk.

In Samoa, it is customary to spill a few drops before drinking kava, the national beverage.

She ruined her new dress when she accidentally spilt nail polish on it.

My little brother spilled the news to my parents that I dented the car, and my dad freaked out.

Haiti's past is bathed in the blood spilled in its fight for freedom and democracy.

International observers worry that the violence that has plagued Colombia for the last 40 years may eventually spill over its borders into neighboring countries.

Rock band The Grateful Dead sang, What good is spilling blood? It will not grow a thing.

Find someone who has spilled something on someone else.

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