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A spokesman for the company denied they are planning to lay off over 500 workersA spokesperson for the tobacco company claimed that the government ban on advertising was unfair and unconstitutional.

A spokesman for the company denied they are planning to lay off over 500 workers.

A spokeswoman for the company denied they had been involved in any wrongdoing.

A government spokesman said the governor had no comment at this time.

According to a spokesperson for the anti-poverty group, making laws against panhandling doesn't address the source of the problem.

Mohammed acted as a class spokesman for the students when he asked the teacher if they could have a potluck supper to celebrate the end of classes.

Singer Bob Dylan was seen by many as a musical spokesman for his generation.

He can't really make any decisions; he's just a spokesman for the company.

She's a popular spokeswoman for the party and has been able to able to raise their profile in the press considerably.

Actor Donald Sutherland has been acting as a spokesman for Volvo cars ever since he had a bad car accident in which he was saved by the safety features of his own Volvo.

Ron Nesen once remarked that nobody believes the official spokesman... but everybody trusts an unidentified source.

A rebel spokesman has said that his group expects to take the capital city in the next few days.

An immigration spokesperson has indicated that the refugees will all be allowed to stay in the country.

As the union spokesman, I represent over 200 workers in this factory.

In February of 1920, Adolf Hitler, spokesman for an extremist political group in Germany, outlined the organization's program to create a Third German Reich.

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