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Example Sentences for "spray"

There was a hole in the hose, and the water sprayed out all over meThe government has okayed a plan to spray pesticides over the entire city in an attempt to kill malaria-carrying mosquitoes.

There was a hole in the hose, and the water sprayed out all over me.

The children sprayed each other with hoses to cool down during the hot summer days.

Why do people spray deadly pesticides on their gardens if they are going to eat the food themselves later?

The ocean spray smelled of salt and seaweed.

She put too much hairspray on, and it smelled terrible.

When Oscar ran over the dead cat with his lawnmower, it sprayed blood all over the place.

My dog likes to play in the spray from the sprinkler.

The children were laughing and spraying each other with the hose while they were washing the car.

The salty spray from the ocean is very hard on the paint of houses located near the beach.

You should spray your houseplants with a little water once in a while to wash the dust off them.

Despite widespread spraying to kill mosquitoes in Nigeria, malaria continues to be a serious health problem.

Leopards mark their territory by spraying their scent on bushes or trees.

After drinking, elephants will often spray themselves with mud to protect against biting insects.

Discussion question: How do you feel about the spraying of chemicals on food crops in order to kill insects?

Find someone who has sprayed someone with a hose.

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