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The doctor warned her not to scratch the rash on her arm or it could spread to other parts of her bodyThe fire spread quickly from building to building due to the dry, windy weather.

The doctor warned her not to scratch the rash on her arm or it could spread to other parts of her body.

We spread our wet clothes on the hot rocks beside the river to let them dry.

The spread of AIDS is partly due to drug addicts sharing needles.

We spread our blanket out on the grass, and sat down to have lunch.

We bought a delicious vegetable spread to put on toast in the morning.

The men had to work quickly to keep the oil spill from spreading.

Richard Armour once observed that a rumor is one thing that gets thicker instead of thinner as it is spread.

There is a Chinese proverb which observes that wealth is but dung - useful only when spread about.

News of the fire spread quickly throughout the town.

The country is spread over 4 million square miles.

In 1439, King Henry VI of England banned kissing because he said it spread disease.

Spinach is native to the area of Iran, and didn't spread to other parts of the world until the beginning of the Christian era.

When visiting someone's home in Samoa, you shouldn't enter until the mats have been spread on the floor.

Following the death of Muhammad in 632, the Muslims spread Islam from Spain to India.

It is best to exercise at least 120 to 180 minutes, spread over the course of a week.

Karate first started in India, and spread to China before reaching Japan in the 1600s.

The rich nations need to do more to help the developing world reduce birth rates, and slow the spread of disease.

Modern humans didn't start to spread across the globe from Africa until between 60,000 and 100,000 years ago.

The earliest Christian communities grew steadily and spread their faith to all parts of the Roman Empire.

Opera spread from Italy to the rest of Europe in the second half of the seventeenth century.

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