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Example Sentences for "sprinkle"

Sprinkle herbs on the meat, and coat with oil before cookingWe sprinkled bits of chocolate on the cake.

Sprinkle herbs on the meat, and coat with oil before cooking.

The priest sprinkled water on the baby's head.

They sprinkled bits of feta cheese on the salad.

Turn the sprinkler on before going out; the grass looks really dry.

It has been sprinkling all morning, and showers are expected in the afternoon.

Why don't you sprinkle some sugar on the cookies?

Mary Day Winn once suggested that sex is the Tabasco sauce which an adolescent national palate sprinkles on every course in the menu.

My mom always sprinkles chocolate over our birthday cake as a decoration.

It looked like it was really going to pour this morning but we only got a few sprinkles of rain.

I left the sprinkler on all night so the grass won't need to be watered for a few days.

He always sprinkles his speeches with a few funny little remarks about his childhood.

She has long blonde hair and a pretty face sprinkled with freckles from the summer sun.

The audience was mainly children, with a sprinkling of a parents.

The salad was topped with a sprinkling of roasted sesame seeds.

My wife always sprinkles our popcorn with yeast for added flavor and nutrition.

Rachel made a Brazilian dessert which consisted of melted chocolate rolled into balls, and covered in little chocolate sprinkles for our potluck party.

The gods laughed and danced around the universe, sprinkling the heavens with little stars and planets here and there.

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