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This film, while a total box-office failure, has achieved cult status in the home video marketWhat is your marital status?

Doctors and lawyers are high status jobs in our society.

This film, while a total box-office failure, has achieved cult status in the home video market.

The Church of Scientology is trying to obtain the status of a religion so that it won't have to pay taxes.

Cell phones have become a real status symbol among school children.

Desmond Morris once remarked that a true bond of friendship is usually only possible between people of roughly equal status.

Brian Aldiss once suggested that science fiction is the search for a definition of mankind, and his status in the universe.

I haven't heard yet what the status is on my request for a transfer.

The singer has achieved legendary status in the music industry over the course of his 25-year career.

Studies show that boys gain status within their peer group for behavior adults regard as troublesome.

In a complex society, each person possesses several statuses simultaneously by virtue of membership in various social categories, groups and organizations.

When Japanese business people meet for the first time, they exchange business cards that give strong clues to social status.

In Indonesia, you can pat the shoulder of a close friend to express approval, but not someone older than you, or of higher status.

Everyone was happy when they heard that Ji Jie had finally gotten her landed immigrant status.

Women in ancient Greece during the Classical period had no independent status, and their lives were devoted to looking after their families.

She loves the status of being seen with rich men.

SUVs seem to be the new status vehicle for trendy young rich people.

The French Riviera has long been a favorite hang-out for celebrities, and various status seekers from around the world.

Both weddings and funerals are important indicators of status in Hong Kong.

Cows play an important role in village culture in the African nation of Lesotho, both as sacrifices, and as symbols of status.

Sathya Sai Baba once remarked that desire makes man forget his real nature, and reduces him to be status of a beast.

Buffalo show their lower status to other buffalo by putting their heads below the dominant animal's belly.

Women generally focus more on a man's economic status than his appearance, probably because the woman carries most of the responsibility of rearing and nurturing the children.

Robert A. Heinlein once stated that how we behave towards cats here below determines our status in heaven.

Discussion question: What are the highest status jobs in your culture?

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