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The stainless steel blade on this knife will remain sharp for yearsSomeone told me that buildings constructed with steel are dangerous in a fire because when the metal heats up, it bends, and the roof collapses.

The stainless steel blade on this knife will remain sharp for years.

The knight was dressed in armor of steel, and sat on a snow white horse.

The concrete is reinforced with steel bars to make it stronger.

Instead of regular steel handcuffs, police often use plastic ones now.

We felt cold sitting on the steel chairs in the auditorium.

My stereo system is made out of steel, and is apparently much more durable than the plastic systems available today.

There is a Romanian proverb which observes that the tongue is not steel, yet it cuts.

Where possible, many car makers use aluminum or plastic components instead of steel because of their lighter weight.

The sink in our kitchen is made of steel and washing dishes in it makes quite a lot of noise.

After the hijacked planes struck the World Trade Center, the heat of the fires melted the steel supports, causing the buildings to collapse.

Samurai swords are produced by repeatedly heating, folding and pounding steel into a multi-layered blade.

More steel in the U.S. is used to make bottle caps than to manufacture automobile bodies.

Steel is 100 percent recyclable, and can be reprocessed almost indefinitely.

Christopher Marlowe once stated, I'm armed with more than complete steel - the justice of my quarrel.

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