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His long hours at work have really put a strain on his marriageI strained my back picking up a large box while we were moving into our new apartment.

His long hours at work have really put a strain on his marriage.

The medical system in this province is under severe strain, with many hospitals not having a single available bed.

The responsibility of taking care of both a job and a family can be a real strain at times.

I strained my back picking up my grandson.

Living with his wife's mother has put somewhat of a strain on their marriage.

You should turn a light on in here if you are going to read; otherwise you might strain your eyes.

Averil Coxhead has noted that trying to read texts which have too many new words puts a lot of strain on the second language learner.

Min-Hee's voice is so quiet that I really have to strain my ears to hear her speak.

Gandhi once observed that unity, to be real, must stand the severest strain without breaking.

George Eliot once remarked that a difference of tastes in jokes is a great strain on the affections.

Soy milk, the liquid left after beans have been crushed in hot water and strained, is a favorite beverage in the Far East.

Sitting too close or too far from your computer can strain your eyes.

A strain is an injury caused by over-stretching a muscle.

You can avoid back strain when lifting heavy objects by keeping your back straight, bending your knees, and keeping the load close to your body.

Physical activity need not be strenuous to achieve health benefits.

The doctor said I could start working again as long as I don't do anything too strenuous because I'm not strong enough yet.

The war in El Salvador put an unimaginable strain on families, with many deaths and disappearances of family members.

The health care system in Belarus has been severely strained because of the increasing health problems caused by the nuclear accident at Chernobyl.

Relations between Turkey and Greece continue to be strained.

One of the side effects of certain drugs has been the development of drug-resistant strains of some bacteria.

Earthquakes are vibrations of the land caused by the breakage and sudden movement of rocks which have been strained beyond their elastic limits.

Breathing impure air puts strain on your body.

Find someone who has strained a muscle.

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